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Cursillos of Hawaii

What is Cursillo?

Cursillo is a world-wide Catholic spiritual movement fashioned after an intensive three-day weekend experience, and a life-long comittment to living Christianity to the fullest. Cursillo means "short course", from short course in Christianity, and promotes a method to create small groups of Christians that evangelize their environments with the Spirit of the Gospel. These small groups of lay men and women get together regularly and commend themselves to prayer, spiritual formation and apostolic action.

Cursillo in Hawaii

In May 1965, three island laymen and a priest attended a Cursillo weekend in Stockton, California. They returned inspired, and soon went to work to bring the experience to Hawaii. The first men weekend was held in July 1965, in Saint Antony‚Äôs Home, Kalihi Valley, with Bishop Scanlan presiding over the closing Mass. The first women Cursillo weekend took place one week later. Since then, thousands of Hawaii residents have made a Cursillo weekend. 

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